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EdUnity simplifies the school-tech ecosystem by creating a single School App hub. Tackle parental engagement and school communication intuitively, with an app that responds to your needs and harnesses the power of integration.

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Enhance your School's App by connecting powerful tools and services to build an intelligent and connected school ecosystem. From over 500,000 hours of free eLearning materials to automated admin, your app's potential is limitless.

You Only Need to Ask:

"Who leaves home without their phone?"

To understand why it makes sense to have a School App.
We believe in reaching and engaging with your school community on the devices they use most. As a society, we rely on apps for everything from checking the weather to staying in touch with friends and family. That said, we have an even greater plan for technology, one that involves your school. By using an app, we want to help you enhance your parental engagement and to start leveraging the benefits of a connected school-tech ecosystem.
Why a School App?

What Does

Ofsted Say?
Ofsted tells schools "parental engagement is an important part of Ofsted inspection evidence from early years through further education and skills" with effective school communication a vital part of that. Ofsted's "inspection findings confirm that good parental engagement by a school has a positive impact on a school’s capacity to understand and respond appropriately to the needs of children.”

EdUnity offers a way to facilitate effective school communication by reaching your school community in a modern and effective manner. More often than not, app-based communications are also more cost-effective than traditional SMS or email-based systems (you can check this using our online calculator) and will also show Ofsted that a School's leadership is making effective, whilst still financially viable choices for the long-term.

Furthermore, EdUnity provides comprehensive analytical data on usage levels and engagement activity which can be used as supporting evidence of effective school-home engagement during inspections.
Why a School App?

What Does

The Independent Schools Inspectorate Say?
Kate Richards, Chief Inspector for The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) said that "parents have a clear preference for electronic means of communication." A School App from EdUnity can provide an easy and effective way to achieve this with parental demand for School Apps increasing substantially over recent years.  EdUnity is also well equipped to support the needs of Independent Schools across integrative needs and customised developments that offer a cutting edge parental experience for families of Independent Schools.

Successful parental engagement has been shown to lead to higher levels of parental involvement as well as greater pupil attainment level both in school and later in life, whether at university or in career aspirations.

The Important Things:

Not All School Apps Are Made Equal
It needs to be said, so here it is and just like all important stuff, we are keeping this strictly for your eyes only. When exploring School Apps, it's important to know that not all School Apps are made equal. We've compiled a few of the most important things to check when exploring an app for your school or college.
The Important Stuff


App Security
We take your security very seriously, it is why all our School Apps come shipped with encryption and adhere to the latest standards in-app security. We encrypt all data, ensuring your school's privacy is safeguarded at all time. It is these measures that protect from hacking, cyber-attack and malicious scams.
● All our Apps come Encrypted as standard, keeping your School Community safe.
● Adheres to the latest guidance and standards in App Security
● Helps to protect against Hacking, Cyber Attacks and Malicious Scams
The Important Stuff


GDPR Compliant School Apps
As with any app or web platform, our School Apps are reliant on data to carry out basic functions. This is as simple as storing a user's email address to sign in or a contact number, all considered as 'personal data'. As we process personal data to deliver our services, we are required by law to abide by GDPR and DPA regulations. We keep up to date to the very latest regulations and changes, so you can rest assured that your school app will always be compliant.
● Our Servers are based within the European Union
● App Users and Staff can self-manage their Data, GDPR Requests and Privacy Settings in-app
● We will never share any personal data or information without express consent and justified cause
● We are fully compliant with the Articles & Regulations of the European Union General Data Protection Regulations ("GDPR")
The Important Stuff


Support and Training
Whilst we know our platform is simple to use, we also know that it's important to have someone a quick call or email away who is ready to help. That's why we provide free and inclusive support with all subscriptions. We can also take care of parent enquiries concerning your School's App - after all, your school's focus shouldn't be on tech support but teaching, so let us take care of the support.
● On-Screen Guidance, our App Manager can show you how to use the platform visually and step-by-step on demand
● Built-in Live Chat to speak with our team for fast support and resolutions, the Live Chat is available directly in the App Manager
● Dedicated Helpdesk Support, Email and Telephone for convenient and easy help whenever you need it
● Complimentary support included with all subscription packages

A Bundle of Features to Get you Started

Your School's App should be exactly that - yours. We have several features ready to get you started and every month we add even more great features and ways to use your app.

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School Apps
Discover some of our most asked questions about School Apps.

Are Messages and Communications Included Free?


Yes! With every App Subscription, we include free and unlimited communications. This means you can send as many Notifications, Inbox Messages and Instant Messages as you need.

What kind of support does EdUnity provide?


We offer dedicated support with all subscription plans, this includes Live Chat assistance within the School App manager as well as email and telephony support. There is also built-in On-Screen Guidance and our team has the ability to Screen Share remotely within our platform to quickly help resolve any queries.

How are EdUnity Apps Different to Other School Apps?


When we say School App, every app is unique - it is your School's very own app, and this means there is an endless number of ways to customise it and tailor it to your School. Other providers offer things like a 'Parent App' that can be downloaded and used in limited ways - but beware! This is not a School App. If you have a question about this or specific questions, we would encourage you to speak to a Solutions Advisor who can help.

How often are new features released?


We release new features and improvements every month. Once more, it's our schools who decide what we release. Clients can vote on new functionality and features, so over time, your app will keep getting smarter and better!

How quickly can I have a School App?


That's up to you! It can be within just a couple of weeks by the time all changes and iterations are finished. We advise schools to get in early, busy periods around April and the Summer Holidays can mean higher demand and may slightly increase waiting times.



Pricing & Billing
Discover some of our most asked questions about Pricing and Billing.

How much does a School App cost?


Our entry-level plan, EdUnity Basic, is £595 a year. This includes a School App with basic functionality and is designed for pre-schools and early years with basic communicative needs. If you need your School App to connect with your School's MIS and offer more advanced capabilities, our EdUnity Plus plan is for you at £995 a year. EdUnity Plus is suited well to most Primary and Secondary Schools or Colleges. We do not charge any set-up fees or usage quotas, all pricing is flat-rate.

For more advanced configurations, such as for a University or Multi-Academy Trust we advise speaking to one of our Solutions Advisors who will be able to assist further.

Do you work with Trusts or School Groups?


Yes, we are pleased to offer solutions geared more towards Group set-ups. A minimum of 3 schools is required to access this but we are happy and able to work with School Groups.

What are your Supported Payment Methods?


We accept payments via BACS, Bank Transfer or Debit Card. EdUnity does not accept payments by Cash or Cheque. All subscriptions are billed annually.

Do you Offer a Free Trial?


No, EdUnity does not offer a free trial. As every app is built specifically to your school it simply isn't possible to. We can however go through demonstrations and explore requirements in detail before there is any commitment.

Is EdUnity Compliant with GDPR and other Regulatory Requirements?


EdUnity is fully compliant with GDPR and all other regulatory requirements. EdUnity is also registered with Dun & Bradstreet and holds A D-U-N-S® number. A D-U-N-S® number is a unique identifier for a company, used internationally to establish and conduct checks on a business’ compliance, activities and operations.



Discover some of our most asked questions about School Apps.

What are Features?


Every school app is made up of individual features, for example, an in-app mailbox or a calendar page. These features, when added together create the overall app for your School. We have many features available both created by EdUnity, as well as a wide range of third-parties in our Marketplace.

What is Marketplace and how do Integrations work?


The marketplace is EdUnity's App Store. It is a place you can go to discover more features, apps and services that plugin and connect with your School App. Thanks to Marketplace, your app can get smarter over time, so as we add more third-parties and apps, you will have even more services that you can connect.

I need a Custom Feature or Integration, can you help?


Yes! Clients will often tell us about specific situations and see if we can help. It could be something like adding School Bus Tracking or integrating with a specific platform. If you have a need outside of our core features, it's certainly worth asking! Custom developments are quoted separately to subscriptions - we can also help guide you to our trusted partners who may offer the functionality you're seeking.

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