Our Story

The 'U' in our Logo Symbolises  Unity, and this is why.

When we founded EdUnity, we did so with the goal to help schools 'unify their school-tech and unite their school community'. Everything about EdUnity revolves around this theme. How can we centralise and aggregate school-tech? How can we unify school-tech to improve efficacy? How could we use an app to help unite parents, learners and teachers in education?

Born in a Real-World School Environment

A company once built by students and teachers in the real-world. We prioritise the school experience, and understands the intuitive needs of educators making us a natural fit for many schools and colleges.

Tim Collins

Co-Founder & CEO

Tom Dee

Co-Founder & COO

Ben Harland

Co-Founder & CMO

EdUnity was originally founded by three secondary school students, Tim Collins, Tom Dee and Ben Harland who have long held a vision to make it easier for schools to embed technology successfully. Having  observed first-hand the remarkable impact of effective and well placed apps in schools they sought to drive a positive change inn education by leveraging the power of technology. Soon after, the first prototype was built - which made it possible to bring together key learning resources and parental engagement under one umbrella, EdUnity was born.

Since then, EdUnity has continued to innovate and bring new ways of improving school-tech. Today, EdUnity is a platform that allows schools to deploy and manage their own school apps capable of enhancing parental engagement, streamlining school-tech and improving school-wide productivity.

EdUnity's team come from a diverse range of backgrounds including a mix of technology experts, former educators and industry specialists - all united behind our mission to empower better school-tech. Ultimately, the EdUnity today has evolved from the input of over a 100 educators and school-leaders.

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