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Discover how EdUnity can help upgrade your School Communication with your very own School App. Say goodbye to endless communication channels.
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Keeping Communications Simple at Every Step

EdUnity makes it easy to keep school communications simple. With a central school app, it's easy for parents to find messages and information in one place.

Push Notifications
Send Notifications to users for quick alerts, reminders and messages.
Skip the emails and send attachments and longer messages straight to parents.

Communications Tools

Discover a range of tools that can help to upgrade your School's Communication.


Streamline your administration and group users for easy communication.


Send messages in just a few seconds, or schedule them for later.


Need a Bulk-SMS or Email tool? Find 3rd Party integrations in Marketplace.

Parents have a clear preference for electronic means of communication.
Kate Richards (2018)
Chief Inspectorate, Independent Schools Inspectorate
EdUnity for School Commuincation

Frequently Asked Questions

And The Answers
In an era of hyper-communication, society has shifted to demand more from schools by way of communication. It's not just expectations, the data is clear to on how effective communication can lead to higher attainment levels. Yet despite this, many schools lack access to the tools and resources that can truly augment and enhance your school communication.

Is there a Character Limit on Notifications?


No! On long messages we will show a preview (about 240 characters) but parents can tap the notification to view the full message in your app. Just like a text message.

Can I Send Attachments in Notifications?


You can set a Notification to open a particular page in the app or URL. To send attachments you can use the Inbox, parents will still receive an alert when they have a new messages.

Why are Notifications Free on EdUnity?


One of our core objectives is to enable better parental engagement (check out our Mission Statement) - and we know it's hard to do that if at the back of your mind you're thinking everytime you contact parents it will be charged. So that's it, we want to help you achieve greatness in communication.

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Pricing Comparison

Fair pricing for every school, EdUnity offers the balance between flexibility and affordability.



The easiest way to reduce costs and improve parental engagement.

Push Notifications

Free and Unlimited Messages

Delivery Receipts

Marketplace Integrations

Language Translation for Messages

Advanced User Grouping


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Our Bespoke offering is designed to provided added flexibility.

Push Notifications

Free and Unlimited Messages

Delivery Receipts

Marketplace Integrations

Language Translation

Advanced User Grouping