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Discover why Parental Engagement is important and how EdUnity can help foster a strong school community.
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Keeping Communications Simple at Every Step

EdUnity makes it easy to keep school communications simple. With a central school app, it's easy for parents to find messages and information in one place.

Push Notifications
Send Notifications to users for quick alerts, reminders and messages.
Skip the emails and send attachments and longer messages straight to parents.
1. Build a Strong School Community

They say it takes a village to raise a child.

So let's build a village.
Parental involvement and engagement in education matter now more than ever because it’s in decline. In
2016, research showed a decrease in parents who believe that intimate parent-teacher communication is effective.

Parents now prefer remote methods of communication, like mobile apps which fit better within parents’ current lifestyle and digital habits. Successful parent engagement is an incredibly important objective for schools as research has linked this to higher grades and attainment, increases the likelihood of achieving post-secondary education as well as to develop self-confidence in the classroom and stimulate good classroom behaviour.
2. Proactive Communication with Parents

No Awkward 'Hellos'

Be Proactive in Communications
To get the most out of your School Community it pays to be proactive when it comes to communication. Get ahead and take advantage of scheduling and messaging tools to give parents plenty of advanced notice (and the occasional reminder). It is never fun when communications are last minute, they stress you out - and they will stress your parents out too.

So let's take a breath, 1... 2.. 3... and schedule. Phew.
3. Passive Engagement

Let Parents take an Active Interest.

We call it Passive Engagement.
Most of us have some kind of daily routine, whether it's rolling out of bed and heading for the coffee or even striking some morning yoga. We want parents to be able to passively check the school news and to take an interest in school-life without that requiring extensive time investment.

It's why our parental engagement tools include News Stream and Forums amongst others. They are channels that allow you to nurture your school community intuitively.
4. Analytical Evidence

Meet Genius.

The Analytics that means more.
Most of us know analytics as those obscure graphs and numbers that seem to say a lot, without saying anything.

Genius is EdUnity's intelligent-assist tool, it constantly monitors your app's performance and analytics to provide relevant and useful insights that drive a measurable change in engagement levels. Now analytics can actually be useful.

Communications Tools

Discover a range of tools that can help to upgrade your School's Communication.


Streamline your administration and group users for easy communication.


Send messages in just a few seconds, or schedule them for later.


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Meet Genius: The Intelligent Assist
Genius is an Intelligent Assist tool which provides valuable insights and guidance that can help drive a measurable change in parental eengagement levels.

The Intelligent Assist

Boost Parental Engagement Levels
Wouldn't it be great if an intelligent assistant could tell you how to raise engagement levels tailored to you? If it could be a smart assistant, that gets to know your school over time with even smarter recommendations? Well that is Genius, the Intelligent Assist tool from EdUnity.

How Does Genius Work?


Genius monitors Analytics within your App to understand how your School Community engages. Over time, Genius will start making suggestions about how to maximise engagement with your app, tailored to you.

Which Subscriptions Include Genius?


Genius is available on the Plus Subscription Plan and can be included on the Bespoke plan to meet requirements. The Plus Subscription is billed yearly at £995 per app.

Does Genius Use Personal Data?


No. All Analytical Data is completely anonymised and Genius is unable to view individual analytic data about your users. Once more, Genius' recommendations stay within your School, keeping all recommendations for your eyes only.


Understand Analytics

Easily with Genius
Most of us know that analytics can, at the best of times, appear as obscure graphs and numbers that seem to say a lot, without saying anything. We get it - your day is busy, and you probably don't want to employ a Data Scientist to tell you what it means - which is why we built Genius.

Genius is an Intelligent Assist tool that monitors your App Analytics but uses it to make recommendations that are actually helpful. Analytics that mean more.

Pricing Comparison

Fair pricing for every school, EdUnity offers the balance between flexibility and affordability.



The easiest way to reduce costs and improve parental engagement.

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Our Bespoke offering is designed to provided added flexibility.

Push Notifications

Free and Unlimited Messages

Delivery Receipts

Marketplace Integrations

Language Translation

Advanced User Grouping

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