School Apps for Simplifying Administration

With EdUnity, you can enhance your School's App by integrating with a wide variety of third-party apps and services. Each integration can help unlock new functionality and streamline your School-Tech.
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Tools to Simplify Administration

Discover a range of tools that can help to upgrade your School's Communication.

electronic Forms

Create eForms and collect parent responses in-app.


Schedule messages and posts to send in the future.

MIS Integration

Connect your MIS and let the magic begin.


Integrate with the Services You Use Most

EdUnity makes it easy to aggregate and connect with a wide range of services, we add new features every month.

Third-Party Integrations
Connect third-party apps with your School App, one app - with all the services you love.
New Integrations Every Month
EdUnity adds new integrations every month and
EdUnity for Streamlining Administration

Frequently Asked Questions

And The Answers
Streamlining administration has never been easier with your School's very own app.

Do I need an MIS Integration to Streamline Administration?


No, MIS Integration is helpful but not essential. By using an MIS we can do things like sync pupil and parent information. However, you can still use features such as scheduling and eForms.

How regularly are new integrations added?


We aim to add new integrations every month! Many of these new additions are feedback and requests we get from our clients, so we are excited that EdUnity is the only School App that gets smarter with time.

Can I send Attachments to Parents?


Yes! With Mailbox, you can send long form messages to your App Users. These can include attachments but also rich media as Videos, Map Directions, and Images - the possibilities are endless.

Pricing Comparison

Fair pricing for every school, EdUnity offers the balance between flexibility and affordability.



The easiest way to reduce costs and improve parental engagement.

Push Notifications

Free and Unlimited Messages

Delivery Receipts

Marketplace Integrations

Language Translation for Messages

Advanced User Grouping


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Our Bespoke offering is designed to provided added flexibility.

Push Notifications

Free and Unlimited Messages

Delivery Receipts

Marketplace Integrations

Language Translation

Advanced User Grouping