Not All School Apps Are Built Equal

What is a School App?

A School App is a way of communicating with parents, building a strong school community, improving the efficacy of your school-tech and can help a School to save time and money.

Build a School Community

Building a strong digital school community is essential in the modern age. Research is clear that consistent levels of parental engagement and involvement can lead to higher student attainment levels and academic performance. Leverage a School App to enhance your parental engagement and communication strategies.

Your School Identity, Fully Customisable
An EdUnity School App is fully customisable, the design, colours and even features you need.
Enable Community Engagement
From a News Stream to Forums, the choice is yours but we have a range of apps to get people talking.
Respond Proactively to Parental Needs
Parent demand for School Apps is at an all-time high, and predicted to grow - respond proactively to needs.

Streamline and Improve the Way School-Tech Works

If asking parents to check their email, read text messages, access the homework portal, and visit the School website sounds like a familiar story then it might be time for a School App. A School App is an opportunity to streamline and improve the way parents, pupils and staff engage with your School-Tech.

Just one app. Plus with our Marketplace, you can now add a wide range (and forever growing) list of third-party services and tools to enhance your School's App.

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Communicate with Parents

Centralise your School Communications with Parents and Students through your School App. Send messages in seconds or schedule them into the future.

Emergency Broadcast Centre
School Closure or Emergency alert? Let parents know straight away with the Emergency Broadcast feature.
Send Attachments
Fed up of spam filters and missed emails? With an in-app mailbox you can still send those message.
Free Forever
Messaging and Notifications in-app are free with your subscription. No more SMS or Email charges.

The Only School App to Get Smarter with Time

EdUnity is the only School App to get smarter with time, you can always add or remove functionality and change it as your needs evolve. Over time we add even more features and with Marketplace you have access to a growing list of third-party integrators.

Did you also know? It's our clients and customers who vote on new functionality we bring out - so you can guide what the future of what your School App will look like.

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