Meet Our Team

Our team brings together a wide range of experience and expertise in the Education Technology sector. We passionately believe in the potential of technology to help schools and education globally, a belief that remains fundamental to our mission today.


We are working on delivering our vision for a better and more interconnected education using technology.


5 Nationalities and We Hope to Keep Growing

43% United Kingdom, 14% Switzerland, 14% Canada, 14% United States of America, 14% Chile

We are proud to be a team representing a range of nationalities and as we continue to grow this in the manny years to come.


We Proudly Champion LGBTQ+ Rights

83% Non-LGBTQ+ Identifying, 17% LGBTQ+ Identifying

We love that so many from our team represent different parts of the world. We hope to see this continuing to grow in the many years ahead of us.


Generational Balance and Collaboration

33% Generation Z, 17% Millenial, 33% Generation X, 17% Not Disclosed

The iPhone may have been invented in Generation Z, but we believe a generational balance and collaboration is imperative in delivering the future for EdTech.

Careers at EdUnity
We are always on the lookout for dedicated and exceptional talent to join our team. If you would like to learn more about joining EdUnity we encourage you to reach out and say hello. You can also take a look at our open positions and roles we are currently recruiting for on our Careers site.
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Built to perform.

Flexible panels are perfect for building functional layouts.
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Exclusive Insights and Tips.

Webinars and Training to maximise your App's potential.
We run virtual Genius Webinars and Events, they are an opportunity for you to learn about new ways to maximise your app's potential, normally focusing on one aspect. All of our Genius

Built to perform.

Flexible panels are perfect for building functional layouts.
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Meet Genius

Analytics you can understand.

Wouldn't it be great if analytics actually told you how to improve?
Many of us know Analytics as obscure sets of numbers, that well say a lot without really saying anything. Genius changes that - it's an intelligent assistant built into EdUnity. Genius is constantly monitoring your App's analytics to suggest ways that will help to increase parental engagement.